Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas 2011 I am my own Nutcracker

I just reread my posts from last year.  I had forgotten all about this blog.  I didn't even know how to have your own Youtube account then.

This year I am having a German Christmas.  I threw away all my Christmas stuff last year, and this year ended up buying hand blown ornaments from Germany, including a little tree.  So I have beautiful glass pickles, garlic bulbs, potatoes carrots and turnips on the tree.  Well, I have an apple, a quartered pear and quartered lemon, too.  Oh, and a jug of cream, too.  I love the turnip best.

And then there is that Saint Anthony engraving from last year.  I could never get the frame fixed, and had thought it got thrown out when my sister was rushing  me when we were moving and replacing furniture.  I have had the frame hanging around, but recently found the engraving.  It was in a wine box, with tools, etc., and fountain pens.  I wanted to make it into a box for my pens, but couldn't get the brass corners on without a teeny drill.  A year later the corners are on.  And I have ink.  And I may begin to sketch, and water color.

But most important is that I have been 'on point.'  My sister found two pairs of MBT's, one a brown sandal, and the other a laced sport shoe.   These special shoes enable me to move without falling.   And with the weather cool I started walking and haven't stopped.  And started going to the zoo as well.  I can get in free.  It feels so good to move freely, to have a 'cop magnet' car, to have Otis Redding in the CD player.

And then tonight to have seen a most amazing ballet, The San Francisco Ballet's:  Little Mermaid.  I must be speechless about it.  It was on Great Performances, the finale to the Season. Saving the best for last.   I had never read the story.  And I still have my  fairy tale book, complete with my scratches.  Just like all kids, I had to have the same stories read over and over.  The Little Mermaid is probably not even in there.  My mind remembers the drawings.   I have never been moved on so many levels by a ballet, and so still at the same time.  Stunned.   I must go read about it.

And to think, that all this goodness started from my  first day driving in the Eclipse, and on arriving home seeing a spider doing a 'grand battlement' out of sight on the passenger's head rest.  I made sure the insurance was paid, and ignored all the advice and 'freak outs' of those around me.  I found socks, silk scarves, and leather gloves.  I was not going to let that talented spider undo me, nor I her.