Friday, February 17, 2012

The Hellion's Third Visit - Winner's Circle

I am really too exhausted to write a decent blog, but there are things that must be gotten down post haste.
The Little Ukranian arrived with her mother ten minutes after the appointed time.  I was awaiting outside in the only lawn chair that can't be stolen.  It's too damn heavy.  I am grateful they were late as I had a last minute errand and was only hoping to get home before they arrived, get some coffee and sit down.  I knew I didn't have much of a chance, so I am grateful that I was able to drink a full mug of strong black coffee.

Earlier a friend had dropped off a package that had been delivered at her house, because it is not safe to have anything delivered here.  What a gift it was!  A box with a bag from Banana Republic, with a wide satin ribbon tied on the handle.  The color was the green of the hyacinth pushing up out of the ground.  In tissue, the new Banana Republic perfume, Wildbloom Vert.  It is well encased, totally stable in it's clear museum presentation with a white flower and ribbon tied at the waist.  And sure enough, the little hellion's mom pulls in.  Well, opening presents is the Hellion's specialty. I told her that special steps must be taken by me, and she said, "Gotcha, Great Aunt."

Now, I have no sense of smell, but the gift giver, Perfume Shrine, thought this fragrance would delight me, and it does.   My nieces mother said she couldn't try it because she was on the way to her welding class and smell was part of the art of welding, which I immediately understood.  I put the Wildbloom aside, but I put that verdant ribbon, that shiny green apple, around my black felt hat and pinned an elephant pin on it to hold it.  It is more than lovely.

Hellion stood by while I did this and did a French Shrug.  'Standing by, as ordered, Auntie."  "Duly noted, and expect a reward, Niece."  At which point she went postal:  "Are we going to have a tea party?"   "In due time.  Preparations must be made and I can not be rushed.  I will trip, and then who will watch you?"  She said, "I will be watching you!"  And so she did.

Well, I had a few children's toys, and stuffed animals that I hadn't been able to fit in the car yesterday.  The soldier had either deployed, or been injured, and a lot of toys were left at the curb, ship shape, and I grabbed what I could and took them to the thrift store.  But Helote saw the armadillo, and the I had to explain.  She cried out, "Don't take them to the church!  I need them."  Then she saw the xylephone, and it was all over, because it was hooked on other stuff in the box and it all tumbled out.  Two pink pots with lids, five little sport cars,  and other little things that had been missed when I had rushed the rest to the church, right before closing.  Indeed, they were just leaving and didn't appreciate my last minute arrival.  But, think what they want, I couldn't afford to trip on the stuff and it was all pristine, and would be needed by someone.  All special forces leave their stuff so someone else can see what is there and take it.  It is quite inspiring how they leave thing.  I always bless them on their way, never knowing their names, as no item ever has a name on it.   So I had my niece say a little prayer for the children who had owned these toys that their father would be safe, or heal fast.  She wanted to know more.  I said we are not to know, only to wish them well, and thank them for what they left.   "I thank you for MY armadillo and Rat," she shouted.  I said, "Those are my armadillo and rat, but you can visit them when you are here."  (I knew her family didn't need anymore stuffed animals, and special forces always teach their children of the animals that are small and in the ground  cover, the rat, the rabbit, the hedgehog, the newt.  Since they should learn to share quarters with these animals without threatening them.   My niece asked if the rabbit and rat could come to the tea party.  Yes, I said, and they did.

Helly was watching a video of a Hackney horses, William and Camo, when a knock at the door heralded her other Aunt picking her up.  There was a sudden meltdown, indeed a sundowners blowout, as she didn't want to leave.  I invited her Aunt in to have a seat so we could let this steam bleed off.  It was only ten minutes.  She wanted to take something home with her.  Her Aunt didn't want that, and then I suggested she take some of the new fragrance, Woodbloom, home.  She closed her eyes, and held her face up.  I said, "Look down," and covered her face and sprayed her hair.  I followed them to the car.  All was well.

I tried to embed a video, but I can't figure it out.  So you will just have to click on this link to find someone doing a great cover of 'My Funny Valentine:

Funny Valentine Performed by Mary Pesola Frank Sinatra cover

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