Saturday, February 18, 2012

Postscript to the Hellion's Visit

This is a truly charming addendum to last nights blog on the Hellion's 3rd visit.

Well, I know, let you be the judge of whether this is charming or not!

I mentioned that Helly  (or should it be Hellie?) wanted to see William and Camo, two Hackney  horses at the YouTube Channel:  hackneysaregreat.  We watched the latest video up, in which the two Hackneys were able to let off steam after being stabled in the cold weather.  Naturally, being kept to the small yard, only one at a time could be let out.  Hellie wanted to know where they lived.  I told her The Netherlands.  We watched and I answered many questions.  Then she said she sure wish she lived in Neverneverland so she could spend time with Camo and William.

Here is the link to the video we watched.  They all merit watching.  But yesterdays feature, if you must know, is at this link:  (I hope!)

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